Rancho Santa Fe Covenant


RANCHO SANTA FE COVENANT has one of the finest private riding and hiking trail systems in the country.

This is one of the main reasons that our area is so special, in that it binds us together as a true community and

does much to reinforce the rural character that we all cherish.

Rancho Santa Fe Association has approximately 50 miles of interconnecting scenic trails that meander throughout

the Covenant. These trails are reserved for the private use of Association members and their accompanied guests

and are designed to take advantage of the beauty of the Ranch as well as for ease of access for its residents. Horseback

riders, walkers, joggers and walkers with dogs on leashes are welcome to use the trail system. Members are encouraged

to pick up a trail map and a copy of the trail rules at the Association office.


“Meanwhile, may all your rides be safe, may your horses never stumble, your friends

never grumble and your cinch never bust!”

– Rancho Santa Fe Trails & Recreation Committee