6027 Paseo Delicias, Suite F, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 | 16079 San Dieguito Rd, Ste A-1, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067
858.759.1940 | 858.756.1921

Coffee roaster Tim Cusac has been serving his craft-roasted fancy grade coffees, espresso drinks and freshly baked pastries to cus- tomers in the Ranch since 2005. Capturing the look and bustle of an Italian espresso bar, both locations speed customers on their way with friendly service from skilled baristas and offer patio seating in a sun-dappled courtyard within the village.

Caffe Positano’s customers come from all points in San Diego county to buy the single-origin, specialty-grade coffees Tim offers in one-and- half-pound bags. “Plus, I’ve been known to sing to my customers,” Tim says with a smile, “and I have the pleasure of working with terrific people.”

“Be good to people and select ter- rific green coffee, then roast it the way it wants to be roasted.”