Blenheim Equisport Spring Classic Results 1

The results for the following classes at the Blenheim Spring Classic 1 are as follows:

Grand Prix
Jumper Classics
High performance hunters
Pony hunter classic
Hunter Derby
Amateur Owner Hunter Classic
Low Amateur Hunter Classic
Junior Hunter Classic

$40,000 Spring Classic 1 Grand Prix-
Molly Talla

$5,000 Junior A/O Jumper Classic-
Blake Gardiner

$10,000 1.40 Classic-
Michelle Parker

$1,000 Children Jumper Classic-
Amanda Schweitzer

$1,500 Modified Jumper Classic-
Melanie Stoops

$2,000 Low Jumper Classic-
Jodie Camberg

$2,000 1.20 Jumper Classic-
Jorge Ludwig

$1,000 Adult Amateur Classic-
Katie Rotunno

$1,000 1.10 Jumper Classic-
Amanda Schweitzer

5 yr old Jumper Classic-
Kyle King

6 yr old Jumper Classic-
Emily Esau-Williams

7 yr old Jumper Classic-
Jason Mcardle

$500 Low Jumper Classic-
Alexandra Vizents

Performance Hunters 3’6-
Jamie Taylor won 2 out of the 4 classes!. The other 2 were won by Phillip Cillis and Nick Haness.

Pony Hunter Classic-
Augusta Iwasaki

Hunter Derby-
Jenny Karazissis

Amateur Owner Hunter Classic-
Julie Hancock

Low Amateur Hunter Classic-
Sachi Porto

Junior Hunter Classic-
Ashley Welman